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As a company we can inspect and clean, maintain and repair the drains of those living in and around Whitehaven, Cumbria.  If you are having trouble with your drains, we can provide a thorough inspection and CCTV survey to isolate the problem and put it back in working order.

Household cleaners often only provide a temporary solution to blockage problems and most only solve basic problems such as those in the initial parts of the drainage pipework.  Hair or congealed fats can over time block the drains further down your drainage system causing drainage problems throughout your property.  Sometimes tree roots may have found their way into your drains and even land movement may have caused the pipes to become misaligned and blocked with debris.

In the case that you have a blocked drain emergency, Whitehaven households and businesses can rely on Unblock to provide a 24-hour emergency call out to remedy the problem and ensure you have working plumbing and drainage systems.  We sympathise and understand the inconvenience and stress of having blocked drains, and the need to have immediate support and services to find the cause of the blockage and unblock drains. Whitehaven can call upon Unblock to clear toilets, sinks and underground drainage of any obstructions and provide drain repairs. Whitehaven domestic, industrial and commercial occupants can also call us to clean tanks, wet wells, interceptors, and septic tanks.

When you need to flush your plumbing system and unblock sewer drain, Whitehaven home and business owners won’t find a better deal than ours.  If you’re wondering how much might fixing a drain blockage cost, Whitehaven based Unblock Cumbria has the answer.  We work to ensure that our customers are so happy with our services, they choose to return to us time and again. For more information on our drain repair and unblocking services, contact us today.