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Here at Unblock Cumbria, we are located in Workington, specialising in drainage systems. At under an hour away from Carlisle, we are also able to help those throughout Cumbria with any inspections and repairs. As part of our services, we can inspect, clean, maintain and repair your drains, so if you are having any problems with your drainage system, we are sure to be able to help. Using a comprehensive inspection and carrying out a CCTV survey, we will be able to find the root cause of any issues, enabling us to rectify whatever the issue appears to be.

You may be aware of signs such as gurgling noises or slow drainage, and it may be tempting to tackle these symptoms with household cleaning products. Although a temporary solution, it will only deal with the first pipes within your drainage system. Otherwise, you will need blockages professionally dealt with by companies like ours. Whilst common problems for blocked drains include a build-up of hair or congealed fats, you could be unaware of problems with tree roots under the surface, impossible to see without our CCTV inspections. Any interference with your drainage system at this level is going to lead pipes to become misaligned and blocked with debris.

We understand that blocked drains can become an urgent matter, so we are easily able to deal with such drainage emergencies for properties based in Carlisle, being such as short distance away. We can offer a 24-hour emergency call out service to fix any urgent problems with plumbing and drainage systems.  We will deal with the matter at hand with sensitivity as we deal with the practicalities of your drainage problems. We understand how important it is to gain the immediate support and services to fix the issue at hand. Carlisle customers can count on us to clear toilets, sinks and underground drainage of any obstructions, as well as offer comprehensive drain repairs. Domestic, industrial or commercial clients in Carlisle can also benefit from our other services: cleaning tanks, wet wells, interceptors, and septic tanks.

Those based in Carlisle can take advantage of great deals with regard to unblocking drains in your house or office building. From unblocking sewers to repair a drain, we are sure to be able to find an appropriate solution for you.  To find out more information on our drain repair and unblocking services, contact us today.