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At Unblock Cumbria, we are based in Workington, specialising in drainage systems. At just over an hour away from Windermere, we are also able to help customers throughout other areas of Cumbria with any inspections and repairs. Our services include the inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair of your drains, so if you have any problems with your drainage system, you know who to call. Our inspection method includes CCTV surveys, which allow us to discover root cause of any issues, so that we can then work to find a solution.

Gurgling noises or slow drainage can be a warning sign for bigger problems further down the line. After using household cleaning products as a temporary measure tackling the pipes nearest the entrance, bigger blockages require a professional service. Common problems for blocked drains include a build-up of hair or congealed fats, but there may also be issue such as tree roots which can lead to pipes becoming misaligned and blocked with debris. These issues are an be seen in our CCTV inspections, so we then know exactly what to do to fix the issue.

We can also offer emergency support with blocked drains in Windermere, where we can quickly attend to any urgent matters with your drainage system. Our 24-hour emergency call out service means that we are able to fix any urgent problems with plumbing and drainage systems.  We are able to deal with your issue on a practical level, as well as offering support and reassurance during what we understand can be a stressful time. We know how imperative it is to obtain the immediate support and services to fix the issue at hand, so rest assured that Windermere customers can benefit from our full range of services, whether you are a domestic, industrial or commercial client, including cleaning tanks, wet wells, interceptors, and septic tanks.

Those based in Windermere can benefit from great deals to unblock drains in property. Whether unblocking sewers or repairing a drain, we are sure to be able to find a suitable solution for you.  To find out more information about our drain repair and unblocking services, contact us today.